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Vanlifers New Zealand - Final Episode - Tauraga to Brazil

It was time to go back to our home in New Zealand, Marcela’s and Sérgio’s house in Tauranga. We still had some missions to accomplish… we needed to hike up the Mount Maunganui and organize our bags to go back to Brazil. So, that’s what we did in Tauranga!! The Mount is the most famous place in Tauranga, the view from the top is extraordinary! We also visited some marinas to see some sailboats. In New Zealand they have some different boats from the ones that we can find in Brazil. So, it’s cool to walk around the marinas and see some different boats and to have some ideas for our own boat! Seen so many boats gave us more anxiety to arrive in Brazil and to sail with our own sailboat!

New Zealand is an amazing country with low population (4,705,818), been most of the population (33%) located in Auckland. Tauranga is the fifth city largest city in New Zealand (with 128,200 people in 2016), with beaches to go surf, a nice ocean to sail around, cute streets, good restaurants and supermarkets, good schools, really safe, and the list of good things goes on and on.

In my point of view there are 2 main bad things about New Zealand, the weather (it’s colder than I thought) and the other one is because it’s far from many countries, including Brazil. To get there from our city usually we need to get an airplane from our city to São Paulo (1 hour flight), plus a flight to Santiago in Chile (around 4 hours), plus a flight to Auckland (around 14 hours). Plus the time in between connections. That means that usually you need to spend a whole day to go to one country to the other.

Well, our time living abroad was over. We have collected lots of good memories Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Thailand we will always have a space in our memories: the friends we made, the food we ate, places we went, the experiences we had…

Yeah! We had a good time!! Now it’s time to start our new project!!!