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Vanlifers NZ - Kaikoura to Lake Pukaki

I woke up with sheep screaming at the mountain behind us. One curiosity is that New Zealand is a country that has more sheep than people. As it was still raining we decided to go south, we always heard good things about the south part of New Zealand. We stopped by Christchurch, that is a city that an earthquake in 2011 causing more than 180 deads. Many buildings had felt and many others were demolished due to the damage on their structure. The problem is that we were worried about having another earthquake and we couldn’t stay to long in this city, so we kept driving.

When the darkness started we started to look for a place to sleep. We follow some lights and we found a really nice spot to park for that night. But, as it was night we have just see how beautiful it was in the next day! We slept right on a amazing lake surrounded by incredible mountains, Lake Pukaki. It was really cold, even though it was Summer it was around 6 degrees Celsius. We tried to go to Queenstown early that day, but it was impossible: the scenarium was amazing, we stopped many times do take some pictures and film something on the way. In the end, we made until Queenstown that day.