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Vanlifers in New Zealand - Picton to Hunterville

Well, not always we find a good place, with an amazing view to sleep. This day we slept on the main road of New Zealand. Luck that our van doesn’t look like a car and it was almost impossible to know that we were sleeping inside, otherwise we could get a fine. Our ferryboat was booked for 10 o’clock, but when we arrived there we found out that since the earthquake the schedule of the ferry had changed our ferry departed before 10 o’clock. It’s weird because we booked after the earthquake and they told us that it would depart at 10 o’clock, we even called the company the day before to conforme. So, we needed to wait for 3 hours more for the next ferryboat. This day was really really windy, they even closed the last top floor of the ferryboat because it was impossible to go there.

The first plan was to go north to know one more place, but as we lost 3 hours of our day we needed to rethink about the plan. We still were thinking about rather to sleep in front of Jamies house in Wellington and to spend one more day in the city (Jamie was in a trip in the south island). When we arrived there it was windy and cold and we decided to keep driving north.

We decided to go through Taupo, the center of the north island because we have been there during the winter and we would like to pass by on summer as well. We found an app called camper mate (it’s free and it works offline) that shows places to sleep with our campervan, payed or not. We found a free place to sleep in Hunterville.

We were happy and sad at the same time for sleeping for the last night in our van. At this time we had mixed feelings about going back to Brazil after 10 months aways. We were missing our families, but at the same time we knew it won’t be easy to be back in our country. We didn’t know where to live until we finish building our house, we didn’t have a car (and our city has a terrible public transport) and we didn’t know if our plans were gonna work out.

But, in the end, it’s always good to be back home.