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Vanlifers NZ - Queenstown

We arrived in Queenstown in the end of the day, but we still had daylight to walk around with our friend Tiago. Tiago and Duca used to kitesurf together in Brazil since 2011, when Duca started kiting, As he is a really good friend of us we stopped by his house to spend some days with him. Queenstown is a city with many Brazilians living in, that’s because they have a different sort of visa in which if you are Brazilian and if you get a job there, after a while you can apply as resident in New Zealand. That’s because it’s a cold place and not many people get used to living there. That’s how Tiago is living there for the second time, he works for a rental car company and has a working visa. And that is another opportunity for us if we want to live abroad again!

Well, we slept in Tiago’s house and in the first morning we woke up with family’s from Brazil asking if it was everything right with us! There was an earthquake in the exactly place we were less than 2 days before this day!!! The place we slept in Kaikoura was totally isolated by the earthquake!!! It was announced even a tsunami for that area! The roads in that area were crashed! Some tunnels closed! 2 people died.

Now that we were happy to be alive it was time to fly our new drone for the first time. Tiago always wanted to be a pilot, so we saved the first flight to make him happy. It’s good to be in a house, protected from the rain and wind, and to be allowed to cook some good food. That’s the bad part about renting a cheap and small van and don’t have a proper kitchen inside our “home”. The next day we tried to find some good places to fly the drone, but as in Queenstown they have a lot of small airports do fly little airplanes it was really hard to find a place that is allowed to fly a drone without any interference of airplanes.  

It was really good to spend some time with a good friend in this nice city!