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Vanlifers NZ - Wellington to Kaikoura

The mission of the day was to try to find a new tripod for our phones. It was raining, and I don’t really like to walk in the rain, but in New Zealand I had no choice. Since we arrived has been raining almost every day.

Jamie lives close to the city center, what is perfect! Our favorite way to know places is  walking around. So, we spend the day walking around in the rain. In the lunchtime we ate an Indian food, as we knew we would miss this sort of food. In our city we have places that sell food that they say it’s from another country, but, usually, it doesn’t taste like the original country, it’s a Brazilian adaptation. We don’t have the real Italian food, made by someone that came from Italy for example. We don’t have many immigrants from different countries in our city. So, as it was too cheap (NZ$5 a dish), we ordered 2 dishes. It was tooooo much food! As we are travelling in a tight budget we are not used to eating this much lately.

In the end we didn’t find the tripod we wanted and we decided to buy a clue to fix our old one. Actually, after we decided that we realize that we should have done this since the beginning. There is no reason on buying a new object if you have the chance to fix the one you have. In this world that we generate lots of garbage every day we need to be conscious to buy things just when there is no choice.

As the day before Jamie took us out for dinner it was our time to retribuite that. So, we cooked chicken with dark beer and I made cinnamon apple with ice cream as a dessert. Angela had the idea of using a cauliflower instead of rice. As we didn’t know exactly how to do it, in the end, we made a mashed cauliflower.

Next day we woke up early to take a shower, because we don’t know when would be the next one. Then we got a ferry boat to the south island.The ferry is amazing!! There is even cinema inside! It’s seems to be a shopping mall. There are places to work and to charge computers and phones. The whole trip took about 3 hours. We decided to check Kaikoura beach and we found a nice place to park the car to sleep in front of the beach with toilet.

As the summer in New Zealand is like the cold winter in our town in Brazil (Florianópolis), our plan needed to be rethought. As it was raining all the time, we didn’t have much to see there.


Recipe - Chicken with dark beer


- 1 kg of thigh and bone-free overcoat (strips skin and cuts into pieces)
- 2 onions
- 6 cloves garlic
- 1 can or bottle of black beer
- 1 small packet or small pot of cream
- seasonings to taste (salt, cumin, saffron, paprika, a lemon ...)

How to do it: Season the chicken (you can leave a few minutes or hours in the refrigerator with the seasonings, but if you do not want to, do not need it). Fry the chicken with 2 or 3 tablespoons of oil (can be corn, olive, sunflower ...) and 1 tablespoon of sugar (can be any). If the chicken loosens a lot of water take the water and reserves to put back after frying (if you have too much water the chicken will cook instead of fry). When it is golden or if it is too burnt put the garlic and onion to fry. Put the beer and water from the chicken that was taken (if that's the case). Let it boil for about 15 minutes, until it reduces slightly. Then put the cream and you can cook it for about 5 min. We usually eat this with rice or mashed potatoes.

Recipe Apple with Ice Cream
- 1 tablespoon unsalted butter
- 2 teaspoons of sugar
- 4 apples
Method of preparation:
Peel and cut the apples into little squares. In a frying pan over medium heat, add the butter and as soon as it melts, add the apples and sugar. Mix until the apples are caramelized and with the golden surface. Ready. Serve with ice cream!