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Water System on our Shipping Container House 🛁 #078

Finally!! All the pipes for the bathroom are in place!!! We managed to install the hot, cold and gray water that we are gonna have on our bathroom. We spent some time trying to figure out how to use a sink that a friend that we met through our Youtube channel made for us out of ceramic. In the end we figured out that if we want to have a washing machine on the bottom of our sink we would need to make a costume made sink to use on the top of the machine. This happens because we need the drain to be on the side of the sink and not on the middle, as it’s always be. We need to have space on the bottom of the sink to install the trap and it won’t be possible if the drain is in the middle of the sink, otherwise the sink would need to be to high to fit on the top of the machine, and on this way it would be impossible to use it. Other time we lost was trying to decide what sort of faucet we would like to have, the one that is installed on the top of the vanity or the one that comer straight from the wall. Took us some time thinking until we decided to go to the store and buy the faucet. Yep, we decided to install it on the top of the vanity. We didn’t find one good and cheap one to install on the wall. We needed to decide this in order to install the system for the cold and hot water for the sink.

We are gonna leave the back of the bathroom wall open to the storage place, in this way we can access all the pipes and check if there is any leak on them.

Took us 3 days until we figured out how to install all the pipes. But in the end we are really happy we made it. It’s a milestone for us to have the pipes installed. We were nervous thinking that it could leak if we didn’t do it right. But in the end I think we managed to do it correctly.

I think that from now one it’s gonna be easier to build the rest of the house as from now one we need to build things using plywood, and with this material we already know how to work with. I’m really anxious to finish the bathroom!!

I think that’s it for today.

Have you all a great week.

Love, Roberta