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We built a vertical garden and I learned how to weld!! Living Tiny Project - Episode 042

This week was really cool! August 7th was my birthday and Duca asked me to choose my present and I asked with to teach me how to weld!!!! It’s so cool to learn something that you have been watching other person doing for almost a year! Next month is gonna complete 1 year since the shipping container arrived and that Duca have welded something on our container for the first time! Since then I was curious to know how is to weld as he always says that this is the most incredible thing in the whole building: you can melt and connect 2 metals together and they look like it’s just on metal.

Duca is always excited to weld something and I was always curious about it! I have never asked to learn how to weld before because Duca always says that you need to practice in order to active a better quality of welding. In theory, as many hours you weld better your final result is gonna be. That’s the reason why Duca always weld, he wants to get better at that.

It’s indeed a really nice sensation to weld something! You can connect some metals and in this way you can build whatever you want using some gas, some metals and a machine, even a boat!

When I was a kid I used to play with some paperboard and build a lot of things out of that using a scissor and white glue (mainly some furniture for my dolls) and now we are building our house!! That’s sooo amazing!!

This week we decided to build the green wall with climbing trees for the east side of our house welding some rebars to the container. We couldn’t finish the wall and plant the trees this week because we still need to weld some supports inside of the house for the framing system and when we weld inside it burns the painting of the shipping container outside, so we need to finish the welding inside in order to paint the outside wall and then to plant the trees. We are soooo excited to have all this done and to see the plants growing!!

See you guys next week!! I hope we can finish next week’s project on time! I think this is gonna be quick because now I can help Duca to weld and to use the angle grinder!