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We decided to build a table with leftovers! Living Tiny Project Episode 054

Here we go!! On this episode we start building the first piece of furniture for our tiny shipping container house!! The office desk!! We build a "pretending to be butcher block desk". The idea was to use as many pieces of wood we could use that we had as leftovers of the wooden deck that we built on the top of our house.

First step was to build a jig to use a planer to flatten the wood. We bought some pieces of scrap mdf and we build a jig. Then a problem showed up. The blade of the planer was not straight. We needed to take the planer back to the store and every single machine from the same brand and model had the same problem. We decided to exchange for another brand and build another jig for this one. Well, due to this little problem we lost like 2 days of work, but in the end we could finish the table on time to Moday’s episode. We had 2 long days of planing and cutting the pieces to the correct width on the table saw and to their length on the miter saw.

It was really fun to assemble the puzzle of pieces on the top of the plywood we cut to the correct shape to use on the bottom of the table. Every single piece of wood has their unique design on the top and they are cute.

The table is not finished yet. The idea was the pieces glued so in this way it’s easy to carry the table around instead of moving every single little piece around the house every time we need to work on the side of the house that the pieces are located.

We still need to do the finishings on the edges, sand the top and to apply something to protect the wood. But we really really like the result we got until now!! The table is amazing!!!