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We didn’t finish our canopy! Living Tiny Project - Episode 039

We couldn’t finish our canopy on time for this episode because we actually didn’t count with some things. The canopy is a 3 dimensional object and it’s not possible to apply liquid resin on the whole piece at the same time, so we needed to apply the resin in parts. Other thing that slowed us down was the weather. This week was the most humid weather from the past weeks and the resin didn’t dry in 2 hours, as it usually dries. If it have dried we could have applied the resin on other parts of the canopy, but it took 24 hours to dry. So, we took some days to have all the canopy covered with resin.

We decided to try some different forms of resin: pure resin, resin with fiberglass and filler (resin with aerosil and microspheres). It’s a little bit tricky to apply the fiberglass in big areas because the cloth is pretty much fragil and it’s hard to find the correct position to put it.

We are really excited to see how our canopy is gonna look in the end and if it's gonna fit on place!!!

See you guys next week!