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We finally have our ceiling insulated!! Living Tiny Project - Episode 035

On this week’s episode we talk all about the product we bought to use as insulation in our Tiny Shipping Container House!!

Yeah! It seems that we’re finally have a solution for our insulation. A person that is member of a WhatsApp group that we are part of called Casa Container Brasil sent us a private message showing us this new product that we have never heard about before. It seemed to be really good and we decided to give a try. We called the company and they gave us some discount to buy it!! Even though, if anyone else what’s to buy it it’s not that expensive and the quality is really good. It’s composed by 2 layers of aluminum foil and 1 EPS core.

So, we decided to install it on our ceiling first to avoid any kind of condensation on that. Now we can talk about the product.

It was really simple to install, quick, easy and clean. We just needed to use a scissor and a utility knife to cut the sheets.

We glued the sheets on the ceiling using contact glue and glued aluminum tape on the connections between sheets and between the sheet and the container on the ends of the sheets.

We are soooo excited with the result we got!!! We glued the whole ceiling in a couple hours and we are really happy with the final result.