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We finished framing our Shipping Container House!! Living Tiny Project - Episode 046

Yep!! We have almost the whole house framed now, we just need to finish a tiny little spot around the entry door, but the rest of the house is framed already!!! We are soooo happy with that. It seems that I always say the same, but one more time we are one step closer to finish the walls and start working on the furniture!!! This half of the house was easy peasy to frame because we already knew what to expect and we worked straightforward. Took us 2 days to finish the metal framing. The wood that we are gonna install around the windows took a little bit more time to prepare because the weather was too humid this week and the stain took longer than normal to dry out. But, in the end of this week we had all the framing done and we are soooo excited with the result. It’s incredible how quick we can learn a task and how quick we can be doing something when we are doing that for the second time!!