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We finished our ceiling panels! Now we need to lift them up!!  Living Tiny Project - Episode 047

This week we continue working on the second half of our shipping container house. So, once again we were building something that we have already built on the other part of the house. That’s so cool!! It was a great idea to build one part of the house, to produce a video about that and to share it on YouTube and after that to build the second half of the house. When we do that we have soooo many feedbacks about the process we are doing and the materials we are using that when we build the second half of the house we can always improve the process and materials we are using. This was one of this times. We had already built the ceiling panels for the first part of the house and now we knew exactly what to expect: the equipments we would need, the amount materials we would need, the size of the materials we would need to cut, how we would connect one piece of the panel to the other and so on. In this way we can execute the tasks an amazing velocity and we end up so proud of ourselves!!