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We found veneer to buy and we are in love with them!!! Living Tiny Project - Episode 057

We finally found veneer to buy where we live. We’ve always looked for some veneer to buy and we thought we couldn’t find it in our city, but we found it!! There are soooo many sorts of woods to choose from and we are in love with every single one of them. The salesman gave us a piece of veneer for us to run some tests and to decide if we want to use it on our furniture.

We tested it on a piece of plywood and we really liked the result of the gluing. It’s harder to work than laminated, but it’s possible. We are anxious to start building the furniture, but we didn’t have time to finish the furniture for this week and we decided to show how we cut and glued the veneering on the plywood. We are still in doubt about which wood we should use for our wardrobe. We have some days to decide about it.