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WE Have a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT + Tour of our Tiny Shipping Container House #086

Time to talk about new plans!! We bought an abandoned sailboat and we need to stop building the house for a little while to bring our boat back to life and then we’re planning on living on the boat and finish the house.

Yep! We bought our dream boat. The boat was our plan since before we started building our shipping container house. Duca’s idea was actually to build a boat from the scratch, but I convinced him that we would take to long to build one and we would sail 10 years from now. So, the new idea was to buy an old metal boat. We started to check the boats available in Brazil through websites. Duca found the hull of his dream boat for sale in a website (Polar 43 the name of the project from Cabinho). It was a hull that was for sale when we moved to Australia and a friend of a friend that lives in Florianópolis bought it and it was for sale again. It’s a really well built steel hull with all the internal parts to be done. On the day we intended to do the offer for it the former owner decided not to sell it anymore. It was his dream and we didn’t want to “steal” his dream to realize our dream. Duca was really sad for a while until a friend of ours (João) showed us a boat that could be for sale in Guarujá. A friend of João called Fábio has a friend, Julio, that has an old sailboat on the ground in a marina for years and years and it wasn’t for sale, but Fábio said that Julio could sale the boat. We decided to go to Guarujá to check the boat in person and to try to convince Julio to sell it if it was a good deal. We called Julio 2 weeks before going to Guarujá and we told our story: we are a young couple looking for a sailboat to be our next project, as we are almost finishing the house that we built from scratch by ourselves. He liked our story of a young couple looking of a boat to be our home and to realize our dream of travelling around with our home. When we arrived in Guarujá we went straight to the marina to check the boat and from the outside it was amazingly good for all that years on the land with no use, almost no rust. A week later we met Julio and spent almost 10 hours with him, he showed us his boat, we got in love with it. Even though we knew we have a lot work to do to bring it back to life and we decided to buy it. What a nice surprise when we went inside the boat for the first time. The interior is amazingly good, the wood is astonishing. Even though it was there sitting on the same marina for that amount of years the boat is really well taken care. 

The idea now is to stop building the house and to move to the marina in Guarujá (Pier 26 boatyard) to start refitting the boat until the point we’re able to bring it to Florianópolis and to live inside until we finish the house and to live in the house to refit the rest of the boat. Julio got us 3 months of discount in the marina. So, this is the timeline for us to finish refitting our boat.