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We solved the problem!! Living Tiny Project - Episode 044

I think we’re gonna miss welding!! This week we welded the last thing we had to weld on our house!!! I finally welded a structural part of our house!! That’s so cool!! Now I know that part of the house I built with my own hands!!

This time we had the perk of welding inside of the house, with no wind at all. We were really excited with the shape of our weldings, they were beautiful!!

Oh! I have just noticed that I didn’t tell you guys what we welded this week and what was the problem we solved!! We welded a beam on the connections of the containers to hold the ceiling panels. We spent a lot of time thinking about a solution to hold the panels on place and we decided to use the metals we had that were leftovers from the openings and connections. I love when we find a way to use the leftovers we have. I’m toooo green to throw away anything but I get nervous to see soooo much things inside our containers. I like to have the space organized but we always have a lot of things around. It’s hard to keep the space organized when you need to have space to store things and work on the same space and sometimes I need to waste a lot of time trying to keep things clean and organized. Duca always says that sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do and in the end of the day we can work in the middle of the mess anyways.

See you!