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Weld weld weld… Living Tiny Project - Episode 043

Hey guys! First we want to say sorry that we are not posting here as often as we wish. We have been working hard trying to finish all the necessary welds on the shipping container so we can move on and start framing and insulating the second half of the house. This week we build and weld over 60 brackets to the inside part of the shipping container, now we only have two more challenges and we can move on! First we need to create and extra support for the ceiling beam in between both sides of the house, and second we need to make a hole on the wall to install the exhausting pipe for the stove. Well that's next week's challenge. hehehehehe

The cool thing is that this week Roberta could help me more as she had learned some new skills last week!!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Love, Duca