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Wooden entrance door - Episode 005

Well, the wooden door has being a nightmare to us and I’m going to explain you why I’m saying that.

The installation of the wooden door should be the first task as soon as the shipping containers arrived, because we thought we would need to have a door to access the west container. Thus we bought the wooden door and the wooden framing to install the door. But, we had another priorities and we found another way to access the west container and due to this the door and the frame stayed for almost 2 months inside Duca’s father container. As it is not insulated it gets too hot inside and the door and the frame wasn’t straight anymore when we installed it. However, we are gonna talk about this another time.

By now we are going to talk about how we cut the container and assembled the metal frame until the final painting of it. We actually worked on the wooden door in different days in between other tasks.

Well, the first step of the installation of our entry door was to assemble the wooden frame to know the measurement of the metal frame, so we could know the final measurement to cut the shipping container. The first day of the building we were soooo amateurs that we didn’t have any nails. We needed to stop doing the assembling to go to the store to buy some nails. This was the first day that we use many of the tools we bought to start the building. As we still didn’t know exactly which one to use for cutting the tip of the wooden frame we tried many different tools. We went from a circular saw, passing to a handsaw, router and finally we could do the work with a chisel. By this time we didn’t have any safety gear, we were executing tasks wearing flip flops, no masks, no gloves… We started buying the safety gears whenever we were feeling like.

When we finally did the cut on the wood we cut some metal bars for the metal frame of the door. We did this 3 times, as the first time we measured this we thought it was too small. We cut a second (that actually was a good one) and we didn’t work on this for some days. By the time we measured it again to finally cut and weld it on place we thought it was too short and we cut another piece of metal. But, actually, after we welded it on place and tried to fit the wooden door on place it was too large and now we had a gap between the wooden frame and the metal frame that we would need to fix! We are going to talk about the solution in another post.

Back to the steps. The next step was to paint the weld. By that time we still used cold zinc everytime we weld something. After that, it was time to use our new tool, the compressor. We were scared to use it. It’s a machine that needs to be regulated the pressure and the and volume and range of the painting. We were lucky and we did a good job for the first time.

For this task we needed to choose the final color that we are gonna have on our shipping container because we needed to paint the metal frame with that. We were stalling to choose the color of the shipping container because we weren’t sure about which color we wanted. We were keen to paint it grey, but we didn’t know which shade of grey. So, the salesman from the paint store solved our problem. If we would like to buy a matte painting they need to mixture paintings and it’s expensive. As we didn’t want that the shipping container with a shine painting we thought we didn’t really have a choice of buying a cheap painting. But, the salesman said we could buy a matte white and a shine black and mix them together, get a shade of grey semi-shine and it would be cheaper!! That’s what we did!! So, the color of the house was decided by the salesman and we really like it!

Well, I didn’t explain you why we considered the wooden door a nightmare. But I guess I’m going to leave with this question today. It’s a subject for another day. See you soon!!