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Yoga re-treat in Bali!!

What to say about this amazing time we had…

When we travel we are always open to meet new people. It's the beauty about traveling: you have the possibility of changing scenarios and meet new people.

In our hotel in Canggu we met Catia and Sienna, her daughter. Catia is a yoga instructor that went to Indonesia to organize one of her retreats; where people from worldwide go to Bali to practice yoga and to get to know about the local culture.

I have practice a bit of yoga like 15 years ago and Duca have never practice yoga before. But when Catia invited us to join them at her villa we didn't think twice. So, some days later there we were, in the middle of the island of Bali, in the mountains of Ubud, having a nice time in this amazing place.

The reality is that we didn’t go to all the classes because they were another level of stretching. As the classes started with a stretch season and then some hard exercices when we went to classes I used to do the stretch part (I’m not stretched at all) and Duca the hard ones; he likes challenges, he doesn’t like to stretch because he is worse than me in this matter.

As the group was too big to stay in just one villa, we stay in 2 different ones, that were connected by a shortcut that was composed of 101 steps and a mud hill to go down to the lower villa. The places were amazing: the pools, the rice fields around, the houses itself, the food… Our room was really nice, with a huge bed and the bathroom was made out of rocks. The bathrooms from the lower villa were open to the nature, I mean, there were no walls! You could could find a frog or a gecko (Indonesia kind of lizard that produces a loud sound) in your bathroom, as some people of the group found, hahaha.

As always, we had a sort of routine. The day used to start with a yoga session in the lower villa and after that a breakfast at the upper villa. Then we were free to do whatever we want to until 7 PM, that we used to have another yoga session (more relax) and dinner. During our free time we went to Tegenungan waterfall and 3 different temples: Gunung Lebah, Tirta Empul (Holy Spring Water) and Besakih (Mother Temple – The biggest and oldest temple in Bali). We also went all together to the beach, Keramas.

As we are foodies when we talk about a trip we always talk about the food we miss. So, now we miss the breakfast and the dinner we used to have in the villa. The breakfast was always some fruit juice and pancakes, scrambled eggs and toasts and the dinner was always a vegetarian Indonesian food. Now I really miss this food. I always try to cook different kinds of food in Brazil, but where we live I can’t find the Indonesian ingredients for that.

About the people we met… The crew was mixed with people from different parts of the world: Brazil, Portugal, England, Kazakhstan, Basque country and Lebanon. So, it was also an opportunity to get to know a little bit about their culture.

What a great experience we had! Thanks Catia for inviting us to be part of this little family!